Sep 27, 2013

Final Hours in Tokyo

For my last night in Tokyo, I decided to stay at the Conrad Hotel. The Conrad definitely lived up to it's reviews and it was located in one of the most picturesque parts of the city; right across from the Hamarikyu Gardens and overlooking the bay. If you have time for it, I definitely recommend having afternoon tea at TwentyEight . They have a great selection and their sweets were divine.

One of the other reasons why I stayed at the Conrad was it's proximity to the Tsukiji Fish Market. People start lining up outside the market as early as 2:30 in the morning to have a chance to catch the famous tuna auction, so having it within walking distance was key. 

The Tsukiji Market was one of my 'must-sees' for my trip to Japan. The best sushi chefs from around the city come to the world's largest fish market to pick out their cuts for the day. 

As a tourist, you are given a yellow vest and a small area to stand and view the auction. I was completely fine with this considering that you are getting to observe the real Japan. As long as you do your best to stay out of the way, you get to see some pretty interesting action. And, at times, I'm sure the bidders found us equally as entertaining as we did them.

After your 25 minutes is up, you are escorted out of the auction. Keep your eyes peeled for the massive amount of men on carts flying around the market. These guys won't stop for anyone!

The only way to end the experience is to indulge in some delicious, fresh sushi. Sushi Dai is by far the most popular place in the market, but Daiwa-Zushi is a great second option. Expect to pay upwards of 700 yen per piece of fish, but trust me when I say, it's worth every last yen.


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