Oct 21, 2013

Hong Kong in Black & White

I really loved my time in Hong Kong. The city was full of color and character. Because it is an amalgamation of so many different cultures, you got the best that every one has to offer. I can't think of another city where you can go from the best dim sum, to the best charcuterie shop, to the best sushi in a couple of metro stops. The city can certainly be a little overwhleming, so instead of my first round of photos in color, I decided to simplify things a little. Photographing in black in white forces you to see the world more graphically; taking in shapes, textures, and in this case, some movement as well. 


  1. Love starting off with the porthole shot, easing us into it all. Then settling on something to tantalize our taste buds. Then amping it up with some action...then winding down with the city "lit up". I get the sense that if some of these were in color it would be a be overwhelming at first - but would still love to see some of the color shots at some point to compare / contrast the experience.